Abiah Franklin was the mother of Benjamin Franklin.

In the Timeless Universe

John Hathorne announced the verdict that Mary Esty and Martha Corey had been found guilty of witchcraft, despite Governor William Phips' petition for them to be released. Abiah Franklin tries to come to their defense but accomplishes nothing. Hathorne then announces Abiah's conviction of witchcraft, and her being sentenced to hang. This is noticed by Lucy Preston, who knows that she was not one of the accused in the original timeline and will be the mother of Benjamin Franklin one day.

Rufus Carlin first suspected Samuel Sewall of being involved in Rittenhouse's plot to execute Abiah due to Jiya's premonition, but after interrogation that was found to be untrue. Sewall does give them the advice that those who are closest to the accused are often the accusers, so Lucy and Garcia Flynn go to see if maybe her sister, Bathsheba Pope, had accused her as Rufus goes and checks out the jail. Flynn and Lucy find out that Bathsheba was not behind Abiah's accusation.

After reconvening with Rufus at a tavern, Lucy is accused by Carolyn Preston of being a witch. She is put in a holding cell with Abiah, Mary, Martha, and others accused. During this time, Carolyn visits Lucy, revealing that there were no sleeper agents in this time period, and she was the one to accuse Abiah. Carolyn secretly gives Lucy a knife to allow her to attempt to escape.

With the help of the knife and Flynn wielding a gun he stole from Bathsheba and Joseph Pope, the crew is able to rescue all of those who were to be hung for witchcraft following the Salem witch trials. Lucy tells Abiah to lead the women to New Hampshire and return to Salem in a year.

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