Alice Paul was an influential suffragette and feminist.

In the Timeless Universe

In the original timeline, Alice Paul presented a speech to President Woodrow Wilson before he went off to Paris to negotiate the Treaty of Versailles. This speech convinced him to pass the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. Alice Paul continued to fight for women's rights after this her entire life.

In the altered timeline, Alice Paul is framed for the assassination of Senator James Wadsworth by Rittenhouse sleeper agent Charlotte. Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan get the help of Grace Humiston to help them prove the innocence of Alice Paul. Humiston was able to retrieve a note from a bellhop who was bribed with a note promising fifty dollars to accuse Alice of Wadsworth's murder. When they crew came to consult Alice about the note's handwriting, Alice had been murdered by Charlotte as well, though it was ruled a suicide.

The remaining suffragettes, despite the warnings from Lucy, vote to cancel the speech that Alice was suppose to deliver in favor of a silent vigil in her honor. Lucy plans to give the speech in her place, but Humiston, who was unconvinced of the effectiveness of speeches ends up delivering an impromptu speech when violent police officers collide with the protesters, which ends up having the same effect on Wilson. Alice becomes forgotten to history, and the only one who remembers her accomplishments fully is Lucy.

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