Ananya Sirivastava is the mother of Agent Denise Christopher.


After losing her husband in a senseless murder, Ananya Sirivastava was protective of her daughter, Dhriti Sirivastava, and disapproved of her work as a police officer. In the original timeline, Denise becomes distant from her mother, as she later disapproves of her lesbian relationship and later marriage with Michelle Christopher. She never finds out about their children, Olivia and Mark.

In the altered timeline, when Owen attempts to murder Denise in 1981, she ends up engaged to a man named Sunil. Sunil's family is very traditional, so to marry him, Denise would have had to leave her job as a police officer. The marriage is prevented by Lucy Preston and Jiya, as they showed Denise pictures of her family from the future, on a futuristic laptop. In this timeline, Denise comes out to her mother that night, and is slapped. Ananya changes in this timeline, as she eventually comes to accept Denise's sexuality, and is involved in her grandchildren's lives.

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