Anthony Bruhl is a scientist who helped create the Time Machine at Mason Industries.


Season 1


The first time that we meet Anthony Bruhl he is at Mason Industries. Anthony asks Rufus Carlin to do an errand for him and tells Rufus that he should consider asking Jiya to help him with the errand. Saying with a smile that it would be preferable to him starring at her for hours on end. Not long after Garcia Flynn breaks into Mason Industries and, at gunpoint, kidnaps Anthony and forces him to help him and his co-conspirators pilot the time machine back to the events of the Hindenburg. (“Pilot”)


It was then discovered in 1962 that Bruhl was collaborating with Flynn when Rufus Carlin tried to rescue him. Like Flynn, he wanted to destroy Rittenhouse. After getting a plutonium core, Bruhl surrendered it to Rufus. However, it was revealed that it was a decoy and that they buried it in the desert till they dug it up in the present. (“Atomic City”)

Bruhl was then able to use the plutonium core to give the time machine's battery enough power for three hundred years. Bruhl then allowed Flynn to strand Rufus and his friends in 1754. (“Stranded”)


Bruhl then aided Flynn in infiltrating Lockman Aerospace, and finding his mother Maria Thompkins. After Flynn gave Bruhl a datatape, he was able to infiltrate NASA during the Apollo 11 mission. There, he downloaded a virus into the mainframe and communication with Apollo 11 was lost. He was then confronted by Rufus, but was able to escape despite losing his suitcase. He then called Flynn to inform of Rufus's appearance and assure him that Rufus would be unable to destroy the virus. He then confronted Rufus when he got help from Katherine Johnson. However, Rufus threatened him and showed him that he would kill by killing Jay, one of Flynn's men. Anthony then escaped.(“Space Race”)


He then informed Flynn that Emma Whitmore was hiding out in the Old West to avoid Rittenhouse. After finding Whitmore, Bruhl and Flynn were told that Rittenhouse planned to re-write history to ensure their control. At first, Bruhl wanted to destroy the Time Machine, but Flynn refused to do so until Rittenhouse was erased from history.

Bruhl then contacted Jiya, who demanded to speak with Rufus. However, Rufus had gone back to 1983. He then contacted Lucy Preston and asked to speak with her in private. Bruhl then met up with Lucy and then evaded Agent Christopher and her agents. Bruhl then told Lucy that Flynn was no better than Rittenhouse and that he wanted out of it. He told her of Rittenhouse's plans to use the time machine to change history to their advantage. Bruhl then told her that he planned to destroy the time machine and to make sure Rufus does the same to their time machine. After leaving, Bruhl carried out his plan. However, Flynn discovered his plan and killed him. Agent Christopher then informed his family that he was a hero.(“Karma Chameleon”)


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