Barney Balaban was the president of the film studio, Paramount Pictures, from 1936 to 1964.

In the Timeless Universe

Against the wishes of a police officer, Barney Balaban meets with Rufus Carlin, Lucy Preston, and Wyatt Logan when he is tricked into thinking Rufus is Langston Hughes and that he has a proposal for Paramount Pictures. Balaban shoots down a few of the crew's proposals, not knowing that they are actually ideas that are based on successful productions in the future, when they mention Rittenhouse in one of their proposals. Balaban reveals that he doesn't know anything about the real Rittenhouse, as he simply shirks off the idea as overdone concept. This is when Hedy Lamarr enters the room, and Balaban introduces the crew to her. He is then called on the phone and informed about a stolen project, RKO 281. Lucy recognizes this code name as Orson Welles' Citizen Kane.

Later, at a party at the Beverly House, Balaban recognizes Lucy and Wyatt and requests a song from them, to both of their dismays. Lucy is able to perform in a convincing manner.

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