Bass Reeves was one of the first black Deputy U.S. Marshals in 1882. He was credited with arresting over 3,000 felons and shot and killed fourteen outlaws in self-defense. He was also possibly the inspiration for the Lone Ranger.

Reeves in the Timeless Universe

In April of 1882, he was asked to assist Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston, and Rufus Carlin in tracking down Garcia Flynn and the outlaw Jesse James. He also took fellow Marshal Grant Johnson with him.

Reeves was reluctant to join the crew in the search for James because he was working on many cases at the time, but Lucy convinced Reeves he was the only marshal who cared enough about the Native Americans James would murder.

When pursuing Jesse James, Reeves insists that they take him back alive. Wyatt argued it would be easier to kill James on sight, but Reeves still held that taking James back alive would be the right thing.

When the crew arrives at the cabin, Flynn and James were no where to be seen. There, Reeves saw modern technology and literature there. James, armed with a modern rifle, starts to recklessly shoot up the cabin. Johnson is shot and killed.

James runs out of ammunition and asks who is in the cabin. As Reeves confirms his identity, James starts a monologue about the challenge and pleasure it is to fight against Reeves, but is shot in the shoulder by Wyatt. Wyatt points his gun at James again, but has a gun pointed at him by Reeves with a command to holster it. James drops his gun, but Wyatt does not unarm. In the middle if this conflict, Lucy lethally shoots James in the back.

Later, Reeves begrudgingly gives Lucy her reward money for killing Jesse James. Wyatt, annoyed by Reeves attitude tells Reeves that they did something good and should be thanked. Reeves tells them that killing an unarmed, injured, and surrendering man was not a good thing.

As Reeves leaves, a reporter wants to speak to him. Reeves refuses to. Rufus tells Reeves that he should speak to the reporter and become known, because people will want to know his story. Reeves responds saying that he is not doing it for them and rides off. (“The Murder of Jesse James”)

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