Bathsheba Pope was the sister of Abiah Franklin.

In the Timeless Universe

After Lucy Preston, Garcia Flynn, and Rufus Carlin discover that Samuel Sewall was not involved with the accusation of Abiah Franklin, they suspect that Bathsheba may have done it because of their close relation. The crew, excluding Rufus, arrive at the Pope household with both Joseph and Bathsheba Pope. Joseph offers the two venison, which makes Flynn suspect that Joseph is a hunter and owns a gun, but Joseph denies these allegations.

Bathsheba then enters the room and explains that her sister has gotten involved with witchcraft and will be thankfully executed for this deed. Lucy then accuses Bathsheba of accusing both Martha Corey and Abiah Franklin, not because she actually suspected them of witchcraft, but for personal reasons. Lucy suspects Bathsheba was bribed by Rittenhouse to accuse Abiah. Joseph requests that Flynn and Lucy leave their house due to their hostile allegations. Flynn then responds with violence, throwing Joseph onto a chair. Bathsheba confesses to accusing other women, but not Abiah.

Flynn returns to the house later and trashes the place trying to find the gun he felt the couple was keeping from him. Joseph tries to fight Flynn to get him out of the house, but is no match for him. Bathsheba comes with the gun that Flynn was looking for in order to help her husband, but ends up having her husband thrown at her, involuntarily transferring the gun over to Flynn. Flynn uses the gun to save Lucy, Rufus, Abiah, and everyone else who was to be hung during executions of the Salem witch trials.

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