Benedict Arnold was an American general during the American Revolutionary War. While his service in the Continental Army earned him the status of a hero, Congress couldn't pay him the salary he wanted and he was passed up for promotion after the Battle of Saratoga. This wound to his ego caused Arnold to defect to the British Army. He plotted to hand over the West Point Fort to the British but George Washington's Culper spy ring uncovered the plot. Arnold escaped to the British lines, where he was commissioned as a Brigadier General (ironically a demotion from his rank of Major General in the Continental Army) and appointed "Spy Hunter General" by General Henry Clinton. He died in London in 1801.

Since his defection, the name Benedict Arnold has become synonymous with traitor and treason.

In Timeless Universe

Prior to his defection to the British, Arnold was recruited by David Rittenhouse to join his organization and provided other recruits.

The time-traveling Trio, plus Flynn, captured Arnold and forced him to cooperate with them and led them to Rittenhouse. When Rittenhouse suspected Arnold of betraying him, after he had already betrayed Washington, Rittenhouse shot him. ("The Capture of Benedict Arnold")


  • In the Battle of Saratoga, Arnold suffered injuries to his leg that caused him to have a limp.
  • Arnold is the first person to have been told by Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus or Flynn that they are from the future.

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