Benjamin Cahill is the biological father of Lucy Preston and an agent of Rittenhouse. He is played by John Getz.



On June 20, 1972, Cahill was called by Rufus Carlin. He then ordered Carlin to find and destroy the "doc". He was then called again by Rufus and told to kill the the "Doc". When Rufus called him a third time, Cahill sent a team to assist in taking the Doc out. (“The Watergate Tape”)


  • Benjamin Cahill is Lucy Preston's biological father. He also has an unnamed son.
  • As of 2017, Cahill is a pediatric surgeon at UCSF.
  • Benjamin Cahill is the Rittenhouse member that threatens Rufus Carlin's family if he doesn't keep on secretly record Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan during their time travels.