Bonnie Elizabeth Parker was a bank robber in the 1930s.

In the Timeless Universe

In May of 1934, Bonnie and her partner Clyde Barrow rob a bank in Arkansas. Lucy Preston notices that Bonnie is wearing the key that Agent Christopher told them to retrieve. When they are leaving the bank, they are targeted by police who were warned by Garcia Flynn that they would be there. There, they encounter Lucy and Wyatt Logan, shooting at the cops, who pretend to be fellow bank robbers. They meet and agree to escape in Wyatt and Lucy´s car.[1]

Bonnie and Clyde direct them to a cabin where they plan to hide away before they take off on the road the next day. Lucy suggests that they talk to Bonnie and Clyde before they take the key. They get to know the couple over the course of the night and end up staying the night at the cabin. Before Wyatt can retrieve the necklace while Bonnie is sleeping, Henry Methvin, who is a part of the Barrow gang, comes to the cabin. He is truly there to sell them out to the police, which Rufus reveals when he arrives.

Once the police show up, they begin to shoot up the cabin in an attempt to kill the Barrow gang. Bonnie and Clyde flee the cabin and make a run through the lawn. As they are hopping the fence, Clyde is shot in his side by officer Frank Hamer. He is shot two more times in an attempt to shoot back. When Bonnie realizes he is dead, Flynn gets a hold of her and yanks the key necklace off of her neck. He then lets her go, telling her she can do ¨whatever the hell she wants¨. Bonnie, devastated that they did not go out together, lifts her gun at the cops, knowing that they will shoot and kill her in self defense. The gunshot that kills Bonnie is heard as Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are fleeing the scene.

Their death is changed slightly in the new altered timeline. Originally, since Flynn was not there to tell the cops they were going to rob the bank, they flee the cabin and head on the road to their next destination. There, they are stopped by a posse of officers, who have figured out their travel patterns and pretend to have car trouble. They are then shot at and killed immediately after in their car. However, in the altered timeline, they are killed at the cabin not in their famous ¨death car¨.

Notes & References

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