Charles A. Lindbergh was an American aviator who made the first transatlantic flight from Long Island, New York, to Paris, France.

Lindbergh in the Timeless Universe

In the original timeline, Charles Lindbergh gains international fame overnight after making his famous transatlantic flight. About a decade later, he becomes a paranoid, anti-Semitic Nazi sympathizer. He is awarded a medal by Adolf Hitler. Lindbergh does not agree with the hateful things he says, but is forced to say them by Rittenhouse to create a scapegoat and serve as a distraction so no one would know who is really in control.

In the altered timeline, Lindbergh's plane is shot down by Garcia Flynn, Emma Whitmore, and Karl, and he is captured and contained in a catacomb. Lindbergh was going to be killed, but Lucy Preston makes a deal with Flynn that if she can convince him to not do what Rittenhouse wants him to, then he will be spared. Lucy thinks she convinces Lindbergh to turn away from Rittenhouse, and they are saved by Rufus Carlin and Ernest Hemingway. While Lindbergh initially hides away, he returns to the public eye later, and the timeline is relatively unchanged.

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