Charles Edward Cornwallis V was a leading British general during the American Revolutionary War. He served as commander of the 33rd Regiment of Foot prior to the war before being promoted to Lt. General. During the war, he served under General Sir Henry Clinton, with several notable victories before his defeat at Yorktown. Cornwallis surrendered to General George Washington, ending the Revolutionary War.

The eldest son of the first Earl Cornwallis, Cornwallis was educated at Eton and Cambridge before joining the army in 1757. He inherited his father's title in 1762, and was formally known as General The Earl Cornwallis during his service during the American revolution. Following his service in America, he went on to serve as Governor-General of India and later Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, where he negotiated the Act of Union, creating the modern United Kingdom of Britain and Ireland. He was made up Marquess of Cornwallis in 1792, during his service in India.

In the Timeless Universe

Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin are introduced to Cornwallis by Benedict Arnold. Arnold introduces the crew to Cornwallis as gift-bearing Loyalists. Cornwallis greets Lucy.

Arnold asks Flynn, who'd convinced Arnold that he had intelligence that would help him, about George Washington's plans. Flynn responds by saying that he'd rather speak to Arnold in private. Arnold refuses to make the other Redcoats in the room leave, saying they are trustworthy men. Lucy tries to convince Arnold to make the other Redcoats leave as well, but Arnold still refuses.

Impatient, Flynn kills the two Redcoats, including Cornwallis, with a silenced modern handgun. Arnold tries to flee the room but is pinned down by Wyatt. Lucy tells Flynn that Cornwallis was supposed to negotiate a peace treaty between Britain and Napoleon in twenty years. Flynn isn't convinced Cornwallis' death is something to be alarmed about, saying history will find someone else to fill his role and that Redcoats are interchangeable. Lucy still feels Cornwallis' death is a big deal.

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