Connor Mason is one of the main characters of "Timeless". He is portrayed by Paterson Joseph.

Connor, is head of Mason Industries, the company that created the time machine.


Connor Mason got his start in engineering developing vacuum cleaners that were easier for his mother to use. Much later, Mason went on to become a millionaire and found Mason Industries.

Mason recognized the genius of Rufus Carlin at a young age, first meeting him at a Chicago middle school science fair. Mason was impressed by Rufus' contribution to the science fair, an entire city re-engineered with a monorail system that ran entirely on recycled coffee pod. What impressed Mason more than Rufus' intellect was the combination of that and his sense of responsibility, evidenced by his refusal to talk to Mason after the science fair due to prior obligations involving picking up his younger brother. Mason knew this combination traits would make Rufus destine for greatness. Mason's support of a young Rufus continued into college. When Rufus cracked two weeks into his senior year at MIT, he flew from Seoul to comfort Rufus and to get him back on the right track.

When Mason Industries started development on a time machine, Mason became heavily indebted to Rittenhouse. Because of his debt, Mason carried out many of Rittenhouse's assignments, such as forcing Rufus against his will to carry a recording device during the time travel missions to stop Garcia Flynn, who had stolen one of his time machines, the Mothership. When Rufus tried to resist Rittenhouse, Mason advised against doing so, knowing their power. When Jake Neville took control over the facility after Agent Denise Christopher was removed, Mason worked with him and rest of Rittenhouse until Lucy Preston, Rufus, and Wyatt Logan heavily damaged the organization using Lucy's grandfather, Ethan Cahill, as an anti-Rittenhouse agent. When this happens, Mason is happy to stop supporting Rittenhouse.

Later, at Mason Industries, during an attempt to start a mission to rescue Amy Preston, Rittenhouse caused a massive explosion to which Mason took the blame for. After the incident, Mason lost his fortune and stayed at the bunker like most involved with the missions. Mason had a hard time adjusting to life in the bunker without fame and wealth.


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