Davy Crockett was an American soldier and frontiersman. Crockett died in the Battle of the Alamo.

In the Timeless Universe

When Crockett first appears, he is in the middle of telling a story. The story was a humorous recounting of how he defeated a bear one handed. Rufus Carlin recognizes Crockett by his iconic coonskin cap, and starts to listen to his story. Lucy Preston also starts listening to Crockett's tale and becomes something resembling starstruck. While Rufus and Lucy listen to Crockett in awe, Wyatt Logan reminds them of their mission involving Garcia Flynn.

Crockett, along with Jim Bowie confirm the death of Colonel William B. Travis who was killed by Flynn to prevent him from writing the "Victory or Death" letter.

Crockett reveals the fact that there is a blocked aqueduct to Rufus. Later, Crockett finds Rufus trying to break through the stone blocking the aqueduct, because it is the only way to save his crew, the women and children of the Alamo, and Lucy's letter. Rufus at this point is ineffectually and desperately smashing the stone with a pickaxe. Rufus asks Crockett how he keeps his cool and how he manages to be so macho. Rufus reminds Crockett that Crockett wrestled a bear. Crockett reveals to Rufus that the bear story was based on a real bear encounter that he barely made it out alive from. He then told his men that he wrestled a bear, because "sometimes folks need a leader who can wrestle a bear." He tells Rufus not to tell anyone the story he told was false, as to not ruin his reputation.

When all the women and children are escaping through the aqueduct during Santa Anna's attack, Rufus tells Crockett, who is injured from that battle, that he has to escape as well. Crockett replies, "Tell everybody I fought off a thousand of them, one handed." Crockett presumably dies in the Battle of the Alamo.

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