Emma Whitmore was an engineer for Mason Industries, and the pilot of the original time machine, who was exposed as a double agent for Rittenhouse. She is played by Annie Wersching.


Emma Whitmore was the second pilot of the Lifeboat alongside Anthony Bruhl. She claimed that the more she traveled through time, the more she received threats from Rittenhouse until she evaded Rittenhouse by faking her death and stranding herself in Missouri in the 1800s. Emma supposedly stayed in that timeline for roughly a decade until April 3, 1882, when Garcia Flynn, with the aid of Jesse James, met her and took her with him to the Mothership so she could help him and Anthony take down Rittenhouse. (“The Murder of Jesse James”) When Anthony tries to destroy the Mothership so Rittenhouse wouldn't get it, Flynn killed him, and Emma became the Mothership pilot. (“Karma Chameleon”)

It was later revealed by Carolyn Preston that Emma is a member of Rittenhouse. After Flynn is captured, she is shown taking the Mothership for Rittenhouse after killing several agents sent to retrieve it. (“The Red Scare”). Six weeks later, she pilots the Mothership to 1918 with Carol and Lucy Preston. Emma shows her resentment of Lucy, because, while she worked hard to rise up the ranks of Rittenhouse, Lucy has status because she was born into old Rittenhouse families. She and Carol try to save soldier Nicholas Keynes. She has Lucy kill an innocent soldier to prove her loyalty to Rittenhouse, which Lucy does.

After saving Nicholas, the three bring him back to the Mothership, but they find Irène and Marie Curie there, and Emma tries to kill them. Lucy tries to protect the Curies, and Carol tells Emma to stand down. However, Emma reveals she was told to kill Lucy if she interfered, because Carol is not impartial towards her own daughter. She reveals that Lucy had grenades in her bag, which she was planning to use to blow up the Mothership, and kill all of them. As Emma is about to shoot Lucy, Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin show up, holding Nicholas at gunpoint. They demand Emma hands over Lucy in exchange for Nicholas. Emma lets Lucy go, but spitefully gloats that she made sure Lucy would never be able to get back her sister, Amy. She, Carol, and Nicholas leave in the Mothership. (“The War to End All Wars”)


  • Emma has traveled to many historical events during her time as the Mothership's official pilot and as Rittenhouse agent.
  • Despite her loyalties to Rittenhouse, Emma has shown many times to appreciate history in many instances such as:
    • She tells Flynn the story behind Napolean's nickname.
    • She was very eager to meet famous figures of the 1920's such as Picasso at the Dingo Bar.
    • She seemed slightly reluctant to kill Marie and Irène Curie when they saw the Mothership by accident.
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