Ernest Hemingway was an American author and journalist.

Hemingway in the Timeless Universe

Ernest Hemingway, after finding a Havana cigarette, lead Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, and Dave Baumgardner to the Dingo Bar to try and find Charles Lindbergh after his plane crash. Hemingway was a reporter of the Toronto Star and wanted to get the scoop about Lindbergh.

Hemingway and Josephine Baker ask around the bar to see if anyone's seen either Garcia Flynn or Emma Whitmore. Baker tells the team a friend of her's saw Flynn. Baumgardner sees Whitmore and Karl at the bar. The team chase Whitmore and Karl, but Baumgardner is shot and killed by Karl.

While Lucy doesn't want him to, Hemingway takes over as the team's soldier after Baumgardner's death. The team go to the place Josephine's friend told them to go. Hemingway is lead outside by Rufus, and while the two are gone, Lucy goes missing. Using information given to him by Hemingway, Rufus realizes that Flynn, Karl, and Whitmore might be keeping Lucy and Lindbergh in the catacombs of the building. Hemingway saves Rufus from Karl. Hemingway cannot write the story about Lindbergh's survival, because Lindbergh supposedly wanted to go into hiding to escape the future his father, Charles August Lindbergh, and Rittenhouse wanted him to have. Hemingway was alright with this, and said that he had fun.

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