Fei Yunshan is the daughter of Feng Yunshan, and a friend of Jiya in the altered timeline.


In 1885, Feng Yunshan took a photograph of Jiya. In the photo, there was a mat which contained a secret message written in Klingon. It was to let Rufus Carlin know of the coordinates of the Lifeboat. After taking the photo, Jiya and Fei became friends. Jiya occasionally brought books for Fei. Jiya also made Fei promise not to tell a black man who came asking about her (Rufus) where she was. As a result, Lucy Preston was able to find the photo in a book she and her mother, Carolyn Preston wrote together, however the photograph was misdated. It was said to be taken in 1888, so Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt Logan, and Garcia Flynn arrived three years after the photo was taken.

When the crew found Feng's photography studio Fei informed them of the misdating. As she did this, Feng was being held captive by Emma Whitmore, and other Rittenhouse operatives such as Carolyn Preston, Jessica Logan, and Nicholas Keynes. Emma kept a gun trained on Lucy, and also one aimed at Feng. Emma shoots at Lucy, but Carolyn makes her miss the shot. Emma is fed up with Carolyn's protection of Lucy, so she shoots Carolyn and Nicholas to death in front of Feng, and escapes with Jessica.

When Lucy sees her mother bleeding after being shot by Emma, she yells at Feng to find her a doctor. Later, as Carolyn dies, Feng is asked by Rufus is he recognizes Jiya. Feng angrily yells at Rufus in Chinese, that he has brought bad luck, and that they should leave. Fei translates for him. Lucy apologizes and hands Fei a golden trinket to help pay back the damages they've caused Feng. Fei then asks Rufus and Lucy why Emma wants to hurt Jiya, revealing she knows about Jiya. She broke her promise to Jiya, because she knew Jiya was in danger. Fei tells the crew that Jiya works at the Bison Horn saloon, and leads them to her. Jiya is upset to find out the Fei broke her promise.

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