Frank Galluccio was the man to give Al Capone his famous facial scars.

In the Timeless Universe

Galluccio recognizes Richard Hart after Hart tells Galluccio a childhood story about fighting over a girl named Shelly Russo. Galluccio then leads Hart, Rufus Carlin, Wyatt Logan, and Lucy Preston to Al Capone.

Later, once in the room, Capone explains that Galluccio gave him his facial scars after he insulted Galluccio's sister, but since then, Galluccio has become one of his best men.

After Hart explains that he's come to arrest Capone, Capone explains that he's doing a favor for Garcia Flynn and points a gun at Rufus. Galluccio points two guns at Lucy and Wyatt. Capone shoots Rufus and Hart shoots Capone. Galluccio is then shot by Wyatt. In the altered timeline, Galluccio is killed in 1931.

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