Frank Hamer was a Texas Ranger who tracked down and helped kill Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow.

In the Timeless Universe

In the original timeline, Franker Hamer with a group of other rangers track down and kill Bonnie and Clyde in their car, creating their iconic death car. Bonnie dies while wearing a key that Clyde stole from Henry Ford on a necklace.

In the altered timeline, Garcia Flynn uses the police force to try and kill Bonnie and Clyde so he can steal Bonnie's key, claiming to the police that he is a bounty hunter who needs to return the key to a client. After a shoot out at the bank involving the police, Flynn, Bonnie, Clyde, Wyatt Logan, and Lucy Preston, Flynn advises Hamer to interrogate Rufus Carlin. Hamer was informed by Flynn that Rufus was the driver and an accomplice of Wyatt and Lucy. Hamer was also informed by Flynn of Rufus' first and last name, but Rufus had an authentic looking fake driver's licence that had the name Wesley Snipes on it. This convinces Hamer that Rufus is innocent.

When Hamer tells Flynn that Rufus is actually Wesley Snipes, Flynn knows this is false and wants to spend time alone with Rufus to prove that he is guilty. Hamer tells Flynn a story of when he once protected a guilty black murderer from being lynched by thousands of angry townspeople and that Flynn is no threat compared to what Hamer had previously faced.

Later, Hamer interrogates Henry Methvin who confirms Rufus' innocence and reveals Bonnie and Clyde's location in exchange for clemency in the Grapevine murders. Hamer and other rangers go to the cabin near Stortz Plantation and kill Bonnie and Clyde in a different setting and slightly earlier date than they do in the original timeline.

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