Garcia Flynn is a former NSA asset.


Garcia Flynn is described as a dangerous man, who is guided by a journal from the future written by Lucy Preston. Flynn is trying to stop an organization called Rittenhouse by changing key events in history that allowed them to gain power. According to Garcia Flynn, the story of how he murdered his own family is a lie, and it is really Rittenhouse that murdered them because he found out about the organization.


Season 1

As the series begins, Flynn breaks into Mason Industries, kidnaps Anthony Bruhl, and steals the Mothership. In response, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin use the Lifeboat to follow him to 1937. Flynn saves the airship Hindenburg to bomb it on the return trip to Europe, killing several prominent American historical figures. The Hindenburg explodes, but the passengers are saved. Flynn then approaches Lucy, and shows her a diary he claims she gave him. Flynn tells her to ask about Rittenhouse before Wyatt arrives. He manages to wound Flynn, who fires back, shooting and killing Kate Drummond before escaping. (“Pilot”)

On their next mission, the team follows Flynn to 1865, where he provides John Wilkes Booth and his co-conspirators modern handguns to carry out the assassinations of Vice President Andrew Johnson, Secretary of State William H. Seward, and General Ulysses S. Grant. Lucy encounters Flynn again, and yells at him over her sister, Amy, disappearing after they returned from 1937. Flynn says he also lost his family, and insists Rittenhouse murdered them. He also tells Lucy that they'll be working together one day, which Lucy refuses to believe. Booth refused to accept the modern handgun, so Flynn performed the Lincoln assassination himself, though he failed to kill Grant. (“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”)

Flynn travels back to 1962 Las Vegas, where he takes pictures of JFK and his mistress, Judith Campbell, to blackmail Campbell. When the team follows them, Flynn wants to kill Rufus, but Bruhl, his co-conspirator, objects. Using her connection to General Milano, Flynn has Judith Campbell help him gain access to the nuclear weapons testing site, where he and Bruhl steal the plutonium core from an atomic bomb. The team chases after him and rescues Campbell, but he escapes with the core. (“Atomic City”)

On his next mission, Flynn travels to 1944 Germany near the end of WWII. Lucy realizes he plans to hand over scietist Wernher von Braun to the Soviets rather than let him surrender to the U.S., thus crippling the American space program. They argue about his actions. Flynn tells Lucy he's not happy with what he's doing, but he has to stop Rittenhouse. Lucy tries to stop him with Ian Fleming's help, but Flynn has them arrested by the Nazis. He tries to kidnap von Braun, but the team and Fleming escape, then hand von Braun over to the Allies. (“Party at Castle Varlar”)

1836: "The Alamo"

During the battle of The Alamo, Flynn makes his way to the Mexican army's camp, and meets up with General Santa Anna. There, Flynn offers assistance in crushing the Texas rebellion once and for all. He convinces Santa Anna to attack the Alamo two days earlier. He then infiltrates the Alamo, and kills Colonel William B. Travis, preventing him from finishing his famous "Victory or Death" letter. When Santa Anna raises the red flag, Flynn objects to killing innocent women and children, who were originally allowed to escape. Flynn tries to appeal to him as a father, but this fails, as Santa Anna threatens Flynn. Fortunately, Rufus, Lucy, and Wyatt help the women and children escape. (“The Alamo”)

1972: "The Watergate Tape"

Flynn goes to 1972 Washington D.C., and tasks Lucy to find the "Doc" mentioned by Nixon in the Watergate tape. He holds Wyatt hostage, while Lucy and Rufus search for the "Doc". While they're gone, Flynn tells Wyatt about how Rittenhouse came after him because he found out they bankrolled the time machines. When he reported this, Rittenhouse murdered his wife and daughter, while Flynn barely escaped. He had to run because he was framed for the murders. Lucy sends Flynn the location of the "Doc," but when Flynn shows up, several Rittenhouse agents appear, and they get into a shootout. Flynn and his team manage to kill the Rittenhouse agents, and he realizes that they were set up by Lucy. (“The Watergate Tape”)

1969: "Space Race"

When Flynn heads to 1969 Houston, he sends Anthony to NASA to prevent the lunar landing, while he follows Maria Thompkins. Flynn is surprised when the Time team shows up, since he had them stranded in 1754. (“Stranded”) Flynn later saves Gabriel, Maria's son, who was in anaphylactic shock after a bee sting. He manages to escape from Wyatt. When the team returns to the present, they find out that Maria was Flynn's mother, and Gabriel was his half-brother. (“Space Race”)

1934: "Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde"

Flynn goes to 1934 Arkansas, and teams up with Frank Hamer as a bounty hunter to take down Bonnie and Clyde, and get a Rittenhouse key that Bonnie is in possession of. Flynn is able to retrieve the key when Bonnie and Clyde are both kllled, and uses it to open a clock, which contains a mysterious letter. (“Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”)

1780: "The Capture of Benedict Arnold"

Flynn heads to 1780 New York, looking for Benedict Arnold, and asks for the Time team's help to find Arnold, who was a founding member of Rittenhouse. He offers to hand over the Mothership and tell Wyatt his wife's killer if they help him out. The team reluctantly agrees to team up with him. When the team and Flynn find out that David Rittenhouse is the founder of Rittenhouse, they go after him. Flynn privately tells Lucy that if he gets his family back, he won't stay with them, because he's no longer the same man after chasing Rittenhouse, and cannot be the father or husband he once was. Flynn kills David Rittenhouse, but tries to kill John, David's young son, which the team disagrees with, since John is just a child. Flynn chases after John, but Lucy catches up, and prevents him from murdering John. Furious, Flynn abducts Lucy. (“The Capture of Benedict Arnold”) He tries to go back and kill John, but is unable to do so. Frustrated, Flynn makes Lucy join him as he goes after Rittenhouse through time. (“The World's Columbian Exposition”)​​

1893: "The World's Columbian Exposition"

Flynn brings Lucy to 1893 Chicago, where he plans to kill Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and J.P. Morgan. Lucy refuses to help him, until he reveals that he had Rufus and Wyatt trapped with serial killer H.H. Holmes. Lucy then gets Harry Houdini to help Flynn out, but Houdini manages to trap Flynn, then helps Lucy escape. Flynn escapes, and returns back to the present, where he calls Wyatt and gives him the name of his wife's killer. (“The World's Columbian Exposition”)​​

1882: "The Murder of Jesse James"

Flynn goes to 1882, and get Jesse James' help to get into hostile Indian territory. There, he meets up with Emma Whitmore, an engineer who worked for Mason Industries and originally piloted the Lifeboat with Anthony. She was threatened by Rittenhouse, and stranded herself in the past to escape them. Flynn asks for her help to stop Rittenhouse, and brings her back to the present. (“The Murder of Jesse James”) When reveals Rittenhouse's plan, Anthony suggests destroying the machines to stop Rittenhouse. Flynn, though, refuses, and says they'll continue going after Rittenhouse through time. Anthony still tries to destroy the Mothership, but Flynn catches him in the act and kills him, escaping. (“Karma Chameleon”)

1927: "The Lost Generation"

Flynn goes to 1927 Paris, where he captures Charles Lindbergh. Lucy tracks him down, and is captured by Flynn's henchman, Karl. Lucy still refuses to let Flynn kill Lindbergh, and offers to talk him out of being a part of Rittenhouse. Flynn doesn't think it will work, but offers to let Lucy try. He secretly records the conversation between Lindbergh and Lucy, finding out about Julian Charvet, another prominent member of Rittenhouse. Flynn tracks down Charvet, and interrogates him at gunpoint. (“The Lost Generation”)

1931: "Public Enemy No. 1"

In 1931 Chicago, Flynn helps Al Capone in exchange for an introduction to Chicago mayor William Hale Thompson, who is also a Rittenhouse member. Flynn asks him about the meeting Charvet mentioned before Flynn killed him. Thompson says the meeting was in 1929, and all the Rittenhouse leaders got together in D.C., and the next one is in 1954. Before leaving, Flynn asks Capone to kill Rufus, but Rufus survives, and is able to get Lucy and Wyatt back to the present. (“Public Enemy No. 1”)

1954: "The Red Scare"

Flynn then travels back to 1954 D.C., and gets the location of the Rittenhouse summit from Senator McCarthy. He frames Lucy and Wyatt as Communist spies, and tells Lucy that her grandfather, Ethan Cahill, will be at the summit, and probably killed. Lucy says she doesn't want to stop him, but offers to help him take down Rittenhouse without killing all of them. Flynn asks how, which Lucy can't respond to, and then leaves. Wyatt and Lucy escape, and track Flynn down before he can blow up the summit. Lucy stops him and offers to help Flynn out, saying she has a plan. She gets Ethan to collect evidence for the next 60 years, helping them bring down Rittenhouse in the present. She meets up with Flynn, and gives him the name of the person who ordered the hit on his family. In return, Flynn gives Lucy the journal. Lucy asks where he got it from, and Flynn says from Lucy. Before he can explain, he is captured and arrested by Agent Christopher. (“The Red Scare”)

Season 2

1918: "The War to End All Wars"

When Rittenhouse gets hold of the Mothership, Agent Christopher visits Flynn in jail to ask him about Rittenhouse's plans. Flynn refuses to talk to anyone but Lucy. (“The War to End All Wars”)

1955: "The Darlington 500"

Lucy and Agent Christopher visit Flynn to ask about Rittenhouse going to South Carolina in 1955. Flynn refuses to help them unless he's released, but when Christopher refuses, Flynn talks down to Lucy about her mother, Carol Preston, also being Rittenhouse, and controlling Lucy's whole life. Lucy holds her ground with Flynn, telling him he can avenge his family's murder by helping them, or rot in prison, being a "smug, stubborn ass". He finally gives up a clue to Lucy about Rittenhouse. (“The Darlington 500”)

1941: "Hollywoodland"

Lucy and Agent Christopher visit Flynn after he is attacked by another inmate. Flynn is sure that Rittenhouse sent the agent to kill him. Lucy then asks Flynn about Rittenhouse jumping to 1941 Los Angeles. Flynn insists that they help get released, in exchange for his help. Christopher says it's impossible, but Lucy then says she can get him out if he tells them what he knows. Flynn provides Lucy the clue he found, and she, in turn, helps him escape from prison with Agent Christopher's help. He joins the Lifeboat team in the bunker, where they're hiding out. (“Hollywoodland”)

1692: "The Salem Witch Hunt"

When Rittenhouse takes the Mothership to 1692 Salem, Wyatt has disappeared after discovering his wife, Jessica, is alive. Despite everyone's protests, Flynn accompanies Rufus and Lucy in the Lifeboat for the first time.


Not much is known about Garcia Flynn's wife and child other than that, according to Flynn, they were murdered by Rittenhouse. Flynn's wife was named Lorena (1976 - 2014) and his daughter was named Iris (2009 - 2014).(“The Watergate Tape”)


Lucy Preston

Actual relationship is unknown. When they meet at a train station in 1865 Flynn hints that he knows Lucy, and that in the future she helps him in his quest to stop Rittenhouse. (“The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln”) In Germany he hints that there is more to the scenario than she knows and tells her that he wishes she could see that what he's doing is for the greater good.(“Party at Castle Varlar”) Flynn also claims to know what Lucy looks like in the future.

Anthony Bruhl

It was first believed that Garcia Flynn kidnapped Anthony Bruhl to pilot the time machine.(“Pilot”) Later it is revealed that Bruhl is actually a willing participant in Garcia Flynn's plans to take down Rittenhouse by changing history. Connor Mason hypothesizes that Bruhl may be part of the reason why it was so easy for Garcia Flynn to break into Mason Industries, and steal the Time Machine. (“Atomic City”)

Wyatt Logan

Flynn and Wyatt absolutely do not like each other. Despite their similar background, Wyatt thinks Flynn is unlikable and untrustworthy. They have also tried to kill each other multiple times. Flynn and Wyatt tend to avoid each other. Tensions and hatred spreads when Wyatt sees Lucy walk out of Flynn's room one morning.



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