George Antheil was a composer and inventing partner to Hedy Lamarr.

In the Timeless Universe

George Antheil is first mentioned by Hedy Lamarr to Barney Balaban when he asked her if she would attend a party at the Beverly House. She said that Antheil was forcing her to go.

After the party, Lamarr and Antheil drive Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin to their residence. At the house, Wyatt confuses Lamarr and Antheil's relationship for a romantic one, but Lucy explains that it is platonic, despite Antheil's crush. She explains that Antheil's marriage and height acts as a barrier from becoming intimate with Lamarr. This transitions into a romantic moment between Lucy and Wyatt.

In the altered timeline, as a result of Rufus' comments to Lamarr, her and Antheil renew their patents for frequency hopping. 

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