George Washington was an American general in the American Revolution. Washington became the 1st President of the United States of America on April 30, 1789.

In the Timeless Universe

In 1754, Washington fights against the French forces in the French and Indian War. Louis Coulon de Villiers, a French Canadian military officer, forces George Washington to surrender.

During the American Revolutionary War, Washington visits Benedict Arnold's house for breakfast and then finds out that Arnold defected to the British side. When he learns this, Washington demands to know if Peggy Shippen, Arnold's wife, knew about Arnold's treachery. She denies any knowledge of it, sobbing.

When Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin arrive at Benedict Arnold's property, they are stopped by Washington and his men. Washington sternly asks them who they are and why they are here. Lucy calls Washington 'Your Excellency' and it cuts to a scene of the crew inside a room in Arnold's house.

Inside the room Rufus is confused to why Lucy called Washington 'Your Excellency'. She explains that Washington is not president yet and will not be for 10 more years. Lucy says while she should be used to meeting historical figures it was different seeing Washington. Shortly after this exchange, Garcia Flynn walks into the room with a gun. Wyatt points a gun at Flynn. Flynn says that if shots are fired, he has a man in the next room to kill Washington. Wyatt thinks Flynn is bluffing, but Flynn reminds Wyatt that he shot Abraham Lincoln. Flynn tells Wyatt to put the gun down, because if he doesn't he's at risk of killing George Washington. Flynn tells the crew to follow his lead as Washington enters or he'll kill Washington.

When Washington enters the room, he reveals that he thinks Flynn is Prussian spy Austin Roe and that Roe said that Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are Roe's best spies. Washington is able to believe Flynn is Roe because Washington never met Roe face to face. Lucy plays along and confirms that Flynn is Austin Roe and that they are spies. Washington states that he is appreciative of Roe for his help in discovering Arnold's betrayal. Washington gives the mission to Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn to go into Redcoat territory and bring Benedict Arnold back alive. Washington says he wants to look Arnold in the eyes one last time before he hangs him.

Arnold later, while being bond to a chair by Flynn and the crew, says that he and George Washington were like brothers, but he was betrayed and abandoned by Washington when he was not given a promotion. Arnold said he turned to David Rittenhouse because he felt that Rittenhouse would give him the future he deserved.

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