Grace Humiston was the first female United States Attorney.

Humiston in the Timeless Universe

Grace Humiston was the first person Lucy Preston came to for help in the murder of Senator James Wadsworth which Alice Paul had been framed in. Lucy and Wyatt Logan go to present the case to Humiston, and she is immediately able to deduce multiple things about their lives and relationship. Once Lucy explains the situation, Humiston concludes that Alice Paul is likely innocent, due to her religious background. Humiston agrees to help Lucy and Wyatt on the case, but doesn't treat it with as much urgency as Lucy would like, as Lucy knows that Alice Paul's historical speech is suppose to be delivered later that day.

When approaching Alice's cell, Humiston is momentarily stopped by Officer Lou Halpern, but she is able to convince Halpern to let them see Alice by threatening to reveal his drinking on the job. When Alice and Grace meet, Alice reveals that they have met before. Humiston doesn't ask her any questions, and leaves Lucy to do so instead. Alice confirms her innocence, and accuses the cops of imprisoning her because of political disagreements. Because of Humiston's opposition to Alice's movement, Alice requests she leave. Lucy tries to stop Humiston from leaving, but she eventually does. Lucy and Humiston proceed to argue. Humiston reveals that she doesn't oppose Alice Paul's goals, but doesn't think she's a reputable person to be leading the movement, and that the movement's methods are ineffectual. She continues to investigate the case.

Detective Riley leads Humiston, Lucy, and Wyatt to a bellhop. At first the bellhop doesn't wish to speak to Humiston, but when she reveals she knows about his drug dealing, he reveals he was bribed with fifty dollars to tell Detective Riley it was Alice Paul who murdered Senator Wadsworth. Humiston silently deduces that the note is written by a left-handed woman. The bellhop gives Humiston a note he got from the true killer. When the group return to Alice, she is dead, likely killed by Wadsworth's murderer.

The group go on to give the news to the suffragettes of Alice's death. Lucy attempts to get the group to get someone else to deliver Alice's speech, but Humiston has the suffragettes vote to do a silent vigil in Alice's honor instead. Humiston notices that only one of the suffragettes votes with her left hand, revealing to her the killer. Lucy and Humiston argue once again, Lucy accusing Humiston of not caring enough about other women. During the silent vigil, the killer, Rittenhouse sleeper agent Charlotte, takes Lucy aside and tries to kill her, but her bullets had been taken from her earlier by Humiston. Emma Whitmore proceeds to kill Charlotte.

When Humiston accidentally gets mixed in with the crowd of suffragettes, she sees the police brutality the face first hand. She ends up giving an impromptu speech that is heard by President Woodrow Wilson. The speech has the same impact that Alice Paul's speech did, and Wilson ends up passing the 19th Amendment.

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