Grant Johnson was a Native American United States Marshal in the Old West.

Johnson in the Timeless Universe

Bass Reeves calls Grant Johnson to help him when Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, and Wyatt Logan inform Reeves of the criminal plans of Jesse James and Garcia Flynn. Wyatt points out to Rufus that Johnson is the inspiration for the character Tonto on the TV show Lone Ranger. Johnson thinks Wyatt is insulting him because Tonto means fool in Spanish.

Later, the crew travels to town on horseback to interview witnesses to get more information. Reeves and Johnson find out that Flynn and James are traveling to the Bluffwoods. The crew begins to follow them.

When the crew discovers the bodies of Native Americans left by Flynn and James, they set up camp and bury the bodies. When burying the bodies, Johnson explains to Rufus that he's not fully Native American, but a mix of many drops of blood, and that he belongs only by the side of Bass Reeves.

The crew arrives at Flynn's desired destination after Flynn's already left. They discover a cabin in the middle of the woods with many modern technologies and books left by Emma Whitmore. Jesse James, armed with modern weaponry, begins to shoot up the cabin, killing Grant Johnson in 1882.

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