Hedy Lamarr was a notable actress and inventor.

Lamarr in the Timeless Universe

The time team first encounter Hedy Lamarr when she comes to talk to Barney Balaban. Lucy Preston compliments her on her appearance, but she doesn't tells Lucy she doesn't value her appearance as much as her intellect. Lamarr explains that George Antheil is forcing her to attend a party later that day at Beverly House. Lucy then overhears a phone conversation about a stolen project, RKO 281. Lucy recognizes this code name as Orson Welles' Citizen Kane.

Later, at the party, Lamarr is able to tell Rufus Carlin isn't who he says he is, father of the Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes. Rufus explains to Lamarr that William Randolph Hearst stole Citizen Kane, and that him, Lucy and Wyatt Logan are going to retrieve it. Lamarr offers to help the team, and is told that introducing them to Hearst would be helpful, but Hearst at the time was busy with Rittenhouse sleeper agent, Lucas Calhoun.

When Rufus and Lamarr attempt to over hear Lucas and Hearst's converation, Rufus's methods of listening in on them aren't successful. Lamarr helps Rufus in this endeavor. Antheil and Lamarr take the team back to their home where Rufus and Lamarr proceed to have fun together, talking about science.

After the team retrieves the film from Hearst and kills Lucas Calhoun, Rufus gives the film to Lamarr who returns it to Orson Welles. Rufus then warns Lamarr to renew her patent for frequency hopping, as the United States Navy will use the technology in 1962. Lamarr heeds Rufus' advice, and Lamarr becomes extremely rich, her network becoming 30 billion dollars. Lamarr is able to quit acting and start a tech company.

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