Henry Ford was an American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company who worked with Thomas Edison.

In the Timeless Universe

Clyde Barrow stole a key from Henry Ford and gave it to Bonnie Parker in lieu of a ring. Ford later received a letter from the couple which he framed. The key was obtained by Garcia Flynn who used the key to open a clock containing a letter written by Benedict Arnold revealing information about Rittenhouse. (“Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde”)

On May 31, 1893, Thomas Edison had a very important meeting with his chief engineer, Ford, and his financier, J. P. Morgan in a very heavily guarded room near the World's Columbian Exposition. Flynn planned to kill these three men for their Rittenhouse membership.

Later, Flynn managed to break into the meeting room with the expertise of escape artist Harry Houdini. There, Flynn tried to plant a bomb, but was interrupted by Edison, Ford, and Morgan, who all arrived earlier than expected. Flynn introduces himself to the three men, reveals that he knows their ties to Rittenhouse, and reaches for a gun in his overcoat. Flynn can't find the gun because Houdini had pickpocketed it earlier. Houdini points the gun at Flynn, handcuffs his arm to a dresser, and takes his bomb. Edison asks Houdini what's going on. Houdini calls for the guards, advises the three men to leave the city quickly, and introduces himself to them as "The Great Harry Houdini," promoting his show. (“The World's Columbian Exposition”)

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