Irène Curie was a French scientist and the daughter of chemist Marie Curie.

In the Timeless Universe

First seen arguing with a doctor in French alongside her mother, Marie Curie, Marie accepted Carolyn Preston's request to assist the injured soldier, Nicholas Keynes, despite Lucy Preston's resistance.

When taking x-rays of Keynes, Lucy expresses caution at the use of radiation. Marie, unaware of the dangers of radiation, claims the procedure is perfectly safe, and with Irène shares a darkly humorous anecdote about their drivers being more dangerous than the radiation. Marie notes that x-rays are blurry, and sends Irène to go check the battery. Irène requests the help of Lucy.

When Irène was working on the battery of the petit-Curie with Lucy, she noted that her mother held her to high standards. Lucy asks if Irène had preferred it if her mother allowed her to work at Sorbonne instead of making her aide her in the war, to which Irène replies that she was not forced. She also questions how Lucy knew she was previously at Sorbonne. Curie interrupts Irène and Lucy with Carolyn and Emma Whitmore by her side to tell her daughter that the x-ray results were still blurry, despite Irène's work. It is deduced that the problem is not caused by the battery, but some other interference. Carolyn and Whitmore seek no further assistance, claiming the x-rays they got were "good enough," as the disruptions were likely caused by the Mothership and they did not want anyone to find out about it.

Later, Curie and her daughter accidentally stumble upon the Mothership. When they do, they are threatened by Whitmore at gunpoint. Curie states that she is willing to die so long as her daughter is spared. Marie Curie and Irène are able to escape Whitmore when she is interrupted by Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin.

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