Jim Bowie was a pioneer and a colonel in the Texas volunteer army during the Battle of the Alamo. He gave his name to the Bowie knife, a style of hunting knife Bowie carried with him at all times.

In the Timeless Universe

Lucy Preston upon entering the Alamo introduces herself and Wyatt Logan to Colonel Bowie. She tries to tell Bowie that they are volunteers from San Felipe. Wyatt then tries to get to the point by warning Bowie about a dangerous man named Garcia Flynn. Lucy says that Flynn is a Mexican sympathizer. Wyatt asks Bowie if he's seen Flynn. Bowie confirms that he hasn't, but will start to ask around the fort to see if anyone has.

After Flynn shoots Colonel William B. Travis and flees, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett confirm Travis' death. Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus Carlin come to the room of the shooting shortly after. Bowie asks Wyatt if the shooting was Flynn's doing. Wyatt confirms that it was.

While Bowie was talking to his men, Wyatt has a word with him. Wyatt requests the command of some of Bowie's men. Wyatt tells Bowie that Rufus is working on a way to save the women and children, but Bowie is not convinced they are in danger. Bowie tells Wyatt that Colonel Fannin's troops are coming to help them. Wyatt says that Fannin's troops aren't coming, but Bowie doesn't believe him. Wyatt warns Bowie that Santa Anna will get reinforcements, he will strike tomorrow, and that everyone in the Alamo will die within 20 minutes. Bowie mistakes Wyatt's knowledge of history for fear, warning him not to speak that way in front of his men.

Bowie later thanks Wyatt for saving John William Smith's life. After that, he tells Wyatt that he now believes that they are all going to die because Fannin's troops did not come and Santa Anna gained reinforcements, just as Wyatt said. Wyatt tells Bowie that he feels like he can still save the women and the children of the Alamo. Wyatt says to Bowie that they need to give Rufus time to figure out how to break through the stone blocking the aqueduct. Wyatt explains to Bowie a strategy that will stall Santa Anna's forces long enough for Rufus to come up with a plan. Bowie correctly guesses that Wyatt's done a strategy similar to this one before and asks him where he did it. Wyatt doesn't reveal where he did it before, but he tells Bowie the story of how he had to leave his fellow soldiers to die to gain an important piece of intelligence. Bowie tells Crockett to execute Wyatt's plan.

As the women and children escape the Alamo through the aqueducts, Bowie says that he will not leave his people. He gives Wyatt his signature knife. Wyatt promises Bowie that Bowie will not die in vain. Bowie picks up two pistols and fires them at Santa Anna's men before being killed by them.

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