Joseph McCarthy was a Wisconsin Senator from January 3, 1947 to May 2, 1957 known for his ravenous anti-communist sentiment. Senator McCarthy is the namesake for the witch hunt-like practice known as "McCarthyism."

McCarthy in the Timeless Universe

Joseph McCarthy is a card-carrying member of Rittenhouse. McCarthy is used by Garcia Flynn in 1954 to find the location of the Rittenhouse meeting. Flynn threatens releasing the information that McCarthy has faked thirty-two aerial missions for personal gain if McCarthy does not give Flynn this information. McCarthy complies, and Flynn gives McCarthy the pictures of Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan, telling him they are communist spies.

Wyatt and Lucy are stopped by the FBI when they attempt to find McCarthy to find out where the Rittenhouse meeting is.

McCarthy interrogates Wyatt. After Wyatt's rudeness and lack of cooperation, McCarthy orders two guards in the room to beat Wyatt with their nightsticks. Wyatt subdues the guards and McCarthy, and reconvenes with Lucy. The two of them begin their search for Lucy's grandfather, Ethan Cahill, to find out where the Rittenhouse meeting is.

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