Josephine Baker was a world famous performer who became a spy for the Allies in World War II.

Baker in the Timeless Universe

In the search for Charles Lindbergh, Ernest Hemingway leads Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, and Dave Baumgardner to the Dingo Bar. Hemingway gets Josephine Baker's help in looking for Emma Whitmore and Garcia Flynn. Hemingway and Baker go around the bar looking and asking people if they've seen Whitmore or Flynn.

When Lucy stares at Pablo Picasso, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Zelda Fitzgerald, Baker tells Lucy that Picasso is "all hands." Lucy and Baker then have a conversation about Hemingway's phrase "The Lost Generation."

Later, Baker tells Hemingway, Lucy, and Rufus that a friend of her's named Claudette saw Flynn walk into a shabby chateau.

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