Judith Campbell was the mistress of President John F. Kennedy and mob boss Sam Giancana.

In the Timeless Universe

Garcia Flynn obtains photographic evidence of Judith Campbell and John F. Kennedy's affair while the two are staying at the Sands Hotel and Casino on September 21, 1962.

Later, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin go back to 1962 to try and stop Flynn. During a performance by the Rat Pack (including Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin), Lucy disguises herself as a waitress as she looks for Flynn. A rude man named Joey makes an unwanted sexual remark toward her, causing Campbell to publicly shame Joey.

After the performance, Flynn lies to Campbell, telling her that she had an urgent phone call from her sister. Flynn walks her away from the crowd, and Wyatt notices. Flynn and Wyatt fight in the backroom of the hotel, resulting in Flynn running away. Judith Campbell then reveals her name to Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, and Lucy recognizes her historical significance.

Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus bring Campbell into a room against her will. They try to tell her they are trying to save her but she is unconvinced. While Lucy explains Campbell's role in history to Rufus and Wyatt, she tries to escape. Campbell reveals that Flynn has photographic evidence of her and Kennedy's affair and that he's blackmailing her with it after Wyatt admits to knowing about the affair.

Later, Wyatt attempts to use Campbell as bait to lure Flynn toward him. Campbell knocks Wyatt out with a telephone and runs away to meet with Flynn and Karl. Campbell seduces General Milano and obtains keys from him for Flynn. Campbell gives Flynn the keys after Flynn gives Campbell the pictures of her and Kennedy's affair. Flynn and Anthony Bruhl take Campbell to a storage area where they use the key to get to an atomic bomb. Anthony and Flynn steal the core of the bomb.

Anthony and Flynn are later chased in a car by Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Campbell. The four think they obtain the core from Anthony and Flynn. Campbell then leaves after apologizing for hitting Wyatt in the head. According to Lucy, Campbell's secrets are eventually revealed, she's vilified by the public and she dies of cancer.

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