Kate Drummond is a fictional character that appears in the episode "Pilot." She is played by Shantel VanSanten.


Kate Drummond is a journalist with a column in the Hearst papers. She has covered the wars in Manchuria and Ethiopia, among her many works.

In the original timeline of May 6, 1937, Kate was killed in the Hindenburg disaster when the burning airship crushed her. When Lucy Preston and Wyatt Logan first meet her at a bar in Manchester Township, New Jersey, Wyatt is suddenly attracted to her to a point where he interferes with her photography of the Hindenburg. Wyatt attempts to pull her out of the Hindenburg's shadow, but quickly discovers that the airship does not explode due to Garcia Flynn's henchmen wrapping its mooring ropes around their arms, thus preventing the airship from being grounded by the damp grass. Kate promptly tells Wyatt to get away from her. Wyatt explains to Lucy that Kate reminds him of his late wife Jessica.

Later that night, after boarding the Hindenburg, Kate notices Flynn and his henchmen rushing out of the airship's kitchen. She leads Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus Carlin to the kitchen, where they discover a time bomb that Wyatt quickly disarms while Lucy and Rufus hijack the airship and order it to return to Naval Air Station Lakehurst. One of Flynn's henchmen suddenly fires his gun, which ruptures the airship's fabric and sets it on fire. All of the airship's passengers and crew escape safely while the henchman dies after being trapped in the flaming vessel. Kate is shot dead by Flynn during a gunfight with Wyatt.(“Pilot”)


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