Mark Felt, better known by the alias Deep Throat, was the 2nd Associate Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and whistleblower during the Watergate scandal.

In the Timeless Universe

In 1972, Garcia Flynn presents part of the deleted eighteen and a half minutes of the Watergate tape to Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin. In the tape, Richard Nixon discusses a "document" and Rittenhouse. Lucy and Rufus are tasked with bringing the document to Flynn within five hours or with the threat of killing his hostage, Wyatt, if they fail to.

Because the document is related to Watergate, Lucy thinks Deep Throat may be of some help and sets up a secret meeting with him in a parking garage under the pretense that she had files on FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. Deep Throat denies any knowledge of the Watergate hotel break-in when asked about it. Lucy uses knowledge of history to confirm that Deep Throat actually does know of the break-ins. Rufus threatens to blow Deep Throat's cover if he fails to cooperate. Deep Throat reveals previously unknown information about the break-in. He talks about a break-in one floor up. He says the investigators only found a crumpled piece of paper with an unknown symbol on it before being called off the investigation. Rufus is able to identify the symbol as a Black Liberation Army symbol. This leads Rufus and Lucy to Gregory Hayes in their search for answers about the document.

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