Michelle Christopher is the wife of Denise Christopher.


Michelle has met with and had dinner with Lucy Preston, which she notes is a strange occurrence seeing as she rarely meets people from her wife's workplace.

Michelle's life is currently being endangered by Carolyn Preston, as Carolyn wants Denise to keep Lucy off of missions for her protection, but Denise refuses. Carolyn is willing to go to lengths such as threatening Denise's family to achieve her goal.

In the "The Day Reagan Was Shot", Olivia is seen as Denise leaves for work. Upon arriving, she deduces that Rittenhouse has plans to erase her, and possibly her family from history. Seeing as there was nothing she could do to stop this, she decided to stay at the bunker and do some paperwork. Garcia Flynn, who has lost his family due to Rittenhouse lambasted her for this choice, and told her she should spend what was potentially the last remaining moments that her family had with them.

On the time travel mission, Lucy gives Denise Christopher the flash drive with pictures of her, Michelle, Olivia, and Mark. Lucy saves the Christopher family, as she promised to do in 2017.

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