Mrs. Millerson was the wife of racer and Rittenhouse sleeper agent, Ryan Millerson.


Ryan Millerson, against the wishes of Rittenhouse and Emma Whitmore got married to Mrs. Millerson somewhere between 1946 and 1955, during his suicide mission to assassinate the leaders of major automobile company leaders. Somewhere in this time frame, Mrs. Millerson had also gotten pregnant. His marriage showed a lack of dedication to his suicide mission in Emma's eyes. Mrs. Millerson was unaware of her husbands involvement with Rittenhouse.

Mrs. Millerson was the first person encountered Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin in their mission to stop Ryan Millerson. Mrs. Millerson believed their story of being news reporters, and unknowingly gave them information about Emma, who had also convinced her that she was a news reporter. Mrs. Millerson expressed confidence in her husband's ability to win the Darlington 500.

Later, before the race, Emma had brought Mrs. Millerson to the stadium, against Ryan's wishes. Fearing that Ryan may not go through with the suicide mission, she threatened Mrs. Millerson's life if Ryan did not go through with the plan.

Mrs. Millerson finds her husband's dead body after he is shot to death by Wyatt. She immediately starts to cry and mourn him.

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