Nicholas Keynes is the maternal grandfather of Carolyn Preston and a member of Rittenhouse.


Despite the efforts of Lucy Preston to subdue Rittenhouse's plans, Nicholas Keynes was saved on September 14, 1918 by Rittenhouse agents Carolyn Preston and Emma Whitmore. Keynes was rescued and brought one hundred years into the future because of the ideas he wrote about in 1910 relating to what Rittenhouse could do with time travel, such as planting sleeper agents in different points in time.

When brought to 2018, Keynes acted as an anachronism, doing strange things such as printing out books worth of information from the internet because of how much screens strained his eyes and requesting things he was able to enjoy in 1918 such as old record players and pickled eggs. Even though his leadership abilities were brought into question, he was able to devise a map of sorts of key events in American history for Rittenhouse to target. He was killed by Emma Whitmore in 1888.


  • Since Keynes was able to time travel back to 1888, it means that he was likely born between 1888 and 1900.
  • Like Dave Baumgardner, Keynes’s body was left behind and was not brought back to its proper time period.
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