Nonhelema was a Shawnee chieftess and sister of Cornstalk.

In the Timeless Universe

On September 15, 1754, after escaping imprisonment by the French, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin are captured by Shawnee warriors.

Nonhelema is brought before the trio as they are bound by rope. Lucy tries to convince her that they mean no harm, but based on past experience with Europeans, Nonhelema does not believe them. Nonhelema has Lucy and Wyatt marked for death, but Rufus is spared, because Nonhelema thinks that Rufus is a slave based on his race. Rufus comes to the defense of Wyatt and Lucy, telling Nonhelema that they are his friends and vital companions. Cornstalk, Nonhelema's brother, tells her to kill all three of the prisoners. Nonhelema does not take her brother's advice and frees them, knowing she misjudged the situation.

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