Owen was a Rittenhouse sleeper agent assigned with killing Agent Denise Christopher in 1981.


Owen was the first Rittenhouse sleeper agent captured by Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin. After failing to shoot Denise Christopher and losing a fight with Wyatt in a hospital elevator, Owen promised to reveal all he knew about Rittenhouse.

Owen was restrained to a chair, and was interrogated. He revealed that his father was caught embezzling funds and because of that, his family lost everything. His father ended up committing suicide. Rittenhouse then came and bailed them out. His brother Zac was thoroughly convinced of Rittenhouse's ideology, but Owen remained skeptical. Rittenhouse's help was not free however, as Carolyn Preston eventually came and put Owen on a time travel mission, in return for the help Rittenhouse provided. He was dropped off in 1969 by Emma Whitmore. He lived 12 years of his life in the past without knowing what his mission would be, and was only informed the morning of March 30, 1981 by Zac, that he'd have to kill anyone. Rittenhouse threatened to kill his family in 2018 if he did not go through with the plan.

Rufus suggested taking Owen back to 2018, but Owen thought he'd be better dead than taken back. Owen then revealed that Zac was likely trying to kill Denise as they spoke, and that if Zac lived he'd reveal to Rittenhouse what happened to him, and Rittenhouse would likely kill his family. Owen gave Watt and Rufus Denise's address in exchange for his freedom.

When Wyatt and Rufus returned, they saw that Owen had hung himself with his belt.

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