Pat Quinlan was a caretaker who worked for H. H. Holmes.

In the Timeless Universe

Karl leads Wyatt Logan and Rufus Carlin into H. H. Holmes' hotel, the World's Fair Hotel. Wyatt asks Pat Quinlan if he's seen anyone matching Garcia Flynn's description, but he says he hasn't.

Later, when Wyatt, Rufus, Holmes, and Sophia Hayden are freed from an isolation chamber, Wyatt grabs Quinlan by the lapel and accuses him of being Holmes. Quinlan denies this and uses the identification in his pocket. This confirms him as being the hotel's caretaker. Wyatt tells Quinlan to take him to Holmes, but Quinlan tells Wyatt he doesn't know where Holmes is. Wyatt starts to choke Quinlan and Quinlan starts leading Wyatt to where he thinks Holmes is.

When Wyatt and Rufus arrive at Holmes' office and Holmes isn't there, they demand to know from Quinlan where he actually is and if Quinlan knows what Holmes is doing at the hotel. Quinlan confirms he doesn't know or want to know of H. H. Holmes' murders and leads Wyatt and Rufus to the basement.

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