Patrick Ramsey is a Deputy Director involved with the missions to stop Garcia Flynn.


Agent Denise Christopher introduced Patrick Ramsey to Wyatt Logan, explaining that Ramsey is her boss at the National Counterterrorism Center. Ramsey, while admiring Wyatt's previous work in Syria, came to replace him with Dave Baumgarnder due to Wyatt's failure to kill Garcia Flynn. Wyatt is content with the replacement, having fought with Baumgarnder before. Ramsey tells Wyatt that Agent Christopher fought hard to keep Wyatt on the team. Wyatt, Agent Christopher and Ramsey then see Jiya announce Flynn's new time and location, March 2, 1836, the Alamo.

After Wyatt, Lucy Preston, and Rufus Carlin return after ruining Flynn's plans at the Alamo, Ramsey comes to relieve Wyatt of his duty. Lucy and Rufus stop Wyatt from being replaced by refusing to continue on time travel missions without Wyatt, because they trust him. (“The Alamo”)

Later, when Wyatt, Lucy, and Rufus are stranded in 1754, Jiya explains to Agent Christopher, Ramsey, and Connor Mason that Flynn arrived in present day Mexico City. Suspecting something went wrong with the Lifeboat, Agent Christopher tells Ramsey to send a team to kill Flynn there.

After the time team is recovered, Agent Christopher gets authorization from Patrick Ramsey for a surveillance operation on Connor Mason. Agent Christopher begins to grow suspicious that Mason is hiding something from her. (“Stranded”)

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