Peggy Shippen was the second wife of American General Benedict Arnold. The daughter of a Loyalist family, Shippen married Arnold at age 18 while engaged in an affair with the notorious British spy John Andre. After Andre was caught and hung, Arnold left the American colonies for England with Arnold.

In the Timeless Universe

Benedict Arnold frantically tells Shippen that George Washington will know of his betrayal soon. Shippen asks Arnold if he's really leaving when Washington could arrive at any second. Arnold tells Shippen to tell Washington that he's going to West Point. Shippen demands that she and their baby go with Arnold, but Arnold says that if they do Washington will catch them. Arnold tells Shippen Washington needs to believe that she's innocent. Shippen worries that Washington will not believe her and she will be arrested. Arnold reconfirms that Shippen must make Washington believe she is innocent. Arnold tells Shippen he loves her, kisses her and their baby and flees.

As Arnold flees, Shippen greets George Washington. Shippen prepares a breakfast for Washington when he asks if Arnold will be with them soon. Shippen confirms he will. Washington receives a letter at the table revealing Arnold's betrayal. Washington becomes furious as he demands to know from Shippen if she knew of this. Shippen denies that she knew of Arnold's betrayal as her baby cries because of Washington's shouting.

Later, Benedict Arnold was bound to a chair, being held captive by Garcia Flynn, Lucy Preston, Wyatt Logan, and Rufus Carlin. Arnold revealed to the crew that Rittenhouse at this time was an individual man, David Rittenhouse. Flynn demands Arnold to introduce the crew to Rittenhouse, but he refuses. Flynn motivates Arnold to introduce them to Rittenhouse by telling Arnold that Washington has Peggy Shippen held captive and if Arnold is not returned to Washington in three days she will be executed. Arnold agrees to introduce the crew to Rittenhouse.

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