Samuel Sewall was an American judge most well known for his involvement in the Salem witch trials.

In the Timeless Universe

Although she did not know his name, Jiya had a premonition which foretold that during his next mission, Rufus Carlin would shoot and kill Samuel Sewall as he begged for his life. Jiya explained to Rufus that the man he was going to shoot was identifiable from the large scar on his face.

This causes Rufus to be suspicious of Sewall he first encounters him during his mission with Garcia Flynn and Lucy Preston in 1692. The group interrogates Sewall all the Flynn violently restrains him. They find out he is not involved with Rittenhouse's plot to kill Abiah Franklin. Flynn's roughhousing is eventually stopped in part due to this revelation and intervention of Samuel's daughter, Betty Sewall.

Later, after Flynn, Lucy, and Rufus had saved all those who were supposed to be hung in the Salem witch trials, Rufus is stopped by Sewall, wielding a gun. Sewall wants to get revenge on Rufus for not only the violent interrogation but the chaos he and his crew generated during the execution. Rufus is able to talk Sewall out of his rage, preventing either of them from being shot, like Jiya's premonition predicted. This is when Sewall is hit and killed by a horse-drawn carriage.

Rufus later explains to Jiya that Sewall died because of her telling him about her prediction, but not in the same way she predicted. Jiya thinks that Rufus is accusing him of something at first, but this is not the case. Rufus requests that she not tell him about her predictions.

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