Timeless season 1

Timeless Season 1

Timeless is an American science fiction drama series that premiered on NBC on October 3, 2016.


Timeless follows the adventures of an unusual trio — a history professor, Lucy Preston, a scientist, Rufus Carlin and a soldier Wyatt Logan — as they attempt to stop Garcia Flynn, a time-traveling criminal, from changing the course of American history. 



Title Witten By Directed By Original Airdate Production Code
Pilot Eric Kripke & Shawn Ryan Neil Marshall October 3, 2016 101
When one of the world's most dangerous fugitives steals a state-of-the-art time machine, the U.S. Government asks a history teacher, Lucy Preston, a soldier, Wyatt Logan, and a scientist, Rufus Carlin, to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and chase the criminal mastermind, Garcia Flynn, to the Hindenburg disaster of 1937. While there, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus each have to draw on expertise to save the present and protect the past – possibly at great personal cost.
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln Tom Smuts Neil Marshall October 10, 2016 102
Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus chase terrorist Garcia Flynn to the night of Lincoln's assassination, where they are horrified to learn that Flynn's linked up with history's most notorious assassin, John Wilkes Booth/ putting aside a tragedy of her own, Lucy speculates that Flynn intends to send the fragile nation into chaos by making a bad thing worse, and a debate rages among the team: should they alter history if it means changing it for the better?
Atomic City Lana Cho Charles Beeson October 17, 2016 103
After landing in 1962 Las Vagas, Flynn has the team on the run with the ear's most infamous mistress. During the restless, neon-lit night, Rufus meets his old mentor Anthony Bruhl, whose motives may be darker than anyone suspected. Meanwhile, Lucy's personal life is falling apart, Wyatt attempts to change history for himself, and the team discovers Flynn intends to gamble with far more human life than they realized.
Party at Castle Varlar Jim Barnes Billy Gierhart October 24, 2016 104
Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus are shocked when they're told the mothership has landed in Nazi Germany, but time is short and they're the only ones equipped to kill Flynn and end his psychotic mission. Now, in hot pursuit of a genius with sinister associations, the team weighs the consequences of Flynn's destruction, meets the man behind one of literature's most popular figures and endures a very uncomfortable . . . party.
The Alamo Anne Cofell Saunders John Terlesky October 31, 2016 105
After one team member is fired from the team, Flynn returns to a pivotal event in the war over Texas – The Battle of the Alamo. The team finds themselves stranded inside the famous fort, surrounded by Mexican soldiers, knowing that everyone inside is fated to die. Now, with no hope of rescue and facing insurmountable odds, the team learns the meaning of trust and sacrifice from people prepared to die for those around them.
The Watergate Tape Kent Rotherham Greg Beeman November 14, 2016 106
The mystery behind the greatest political scandal of the 20th century is finally solved when Flynn beats our team to the punch in Richard Nixon's Washington. While Rufus and Lucy are set on an investigative course that leaves them both rattled to the core, Wyatt's tragic past erupts, and the secrecy behind Flynn's hidden agenda begins to unravel.
Stranded Arika Lisanne Mittman Holly Dale November 21, 2016 107
The team chases Garcia Flynn to 1754, but after he reveals his true intentions, they're forced to scramble through hostile territory. Now, if they want to survive, they'll need to learn to trust each other. Meanwhile, Agent Christopher quietly investigates Connor Mason, and Jiya has a hunch that Rufus might be resourceful enough to open a line of communication with the present.
Space Race Matt Whitney Charles Beeson November 28, 2016 108
Flynn and Anthony travel to July 20, 1969 to disrupt the Apollo 11 mission with a modern computer virus. As 1960s technology is unable to counter a denial-of-service attack, Rufus and Lucy get help from mathematician Katherine Johnson. Meanwhile, Wyatt investigates on why Flynn is interested in a Lockman Aerospace secretary named Maria Thompkins.
Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde Anslem Richardson John Terlesky December 5, 2016 109
The trio travel to May 22, 1934, as Flynn is after a gold key related to Rittenhouse. They discover that the key is in possession of the infamous criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.
The Capture of Benedict Arnold Tom Smuts John F. Showalter December 12, 2016 110
The team head to September 25, 1780 - the day Benedict Arnold betrays George Washington - and discover that Flynn needs their help in capturing Arnold for Washington. Furthermore, it is revealed that Arnold is a founding member of Rittenhouse, and Flynn makes a bargain for them to help him in his mission in exchange for the Mothership and the identity of Wyatt's wife's killer.
The World's Columbian Exposition Lana Cho Craig Zisk January 16, 2017 111
Harry Houdini may be the only one who can save Lucy after she's kidnapped by Flynn and taken to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair to find Rittenhouse; Wyatt and Rufus fall into a trap.
The Murder of Jesse James Jim Barnes John F. Showalter January 23, 2017 112
Flynn joins infamous outlaw Jesse James and cuts a bloody trail along the American frontier; Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus look to an iconic marshal to help bring the fugitives to justice.
Karma Chameleon Anne Cofell Saunders Greg Beeman January 30, 2017 113
Wyatt and Rufus steal the Lifeboat to save Jessica's life by preventing her killer from being born. Lucy must cover up for them when Mason and Agent Christopher discover that the time machine is missing. Meanwhile, Anthony makes a shocking confession.
The Lost Generation Kent Rotherham & David Hoffman Craig Zisk February 6, 2017 114
With Wyatt incarcerated for stealing the Lifeboat, Lucy and Rufus travel with a new soldier to Paris on May 21, 1927, the day Charles Lindbergh accomplishes the first transatlantic flight. When Flynn shoots down the Spirit of St. Louis and takes Lindbergh hostage, the team enlists the help of journalist Ernest Hemingway and singer/spy Josephine Baker to save him.
Public Enemy No. 1 Matt Whitney & Anslem Richardson Guy Ferland February 13, 2017 115
The trio steal the Lifeboat and follow Flynn to Chicago on March 13, 1931, where Flynn helps mobster Al Capone escape prison time for tax evasion in exchange for a meeting with Mayor and Rittenhouse member William Hale Thompson. When Eliot Ness, the man responsible for sending Capone behind bars in the original timeline, is shot dead, the trio must finish his job with the help of Capone's elder brother James Vincenzo Capone, a.k.a. Richard "Two-Gun" Hart.
The Red Scare Arika Lisanne Mittman Matt Earl Beesley February 20, 2017 116
The team and Jiya travel to Washington, D.C., on February 20, 1954 to stop Flynn from wiping out Rittenhouse at their big summit, as Lucy knows a better way to take down the organization without resorting to violence. However, Jiya experiences the effects of traveling in time on a machine not designed for more than three passengers.
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