Sophia Hayden was the first female graduate of the four-year program in architecture at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

In the Timeless Universe

Sophia Hayden stayed at the World's Fair Hotel in 1893 when she accidentally knocked into Wyatt Logan in the hallway, dropping many books and blueprints. Wyatt helps Hayden with her books and then asks if she's seen Lucy Preston with Garcia Flynn, but she replies that she hasn't seen anyone matching their descriptions. As Wyatt goes to leave, the door locks and he becomes trapped in Hayden's room with her. Gas pours in from the vents and soon it renders the pair unconscious.

When Hayden and Wyatt awake, they find themselves trapped in an isolation chamber in the hotel with Rufus Carlin and H. H. Holmes under the alias of George Henry. Hayden, using her architectural knowledge, determines the room is airtight and soundproof. Later, she finds a spalling brick. Hayden offers Wyatt a pin for him to make a small hole into the brick to allow some sound to escape. Wyatt begins to call for help. Lucy Preston and Harry Houdini hear this cry, and find a way into the chamber to save everyone inside.

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