"The Day Reagan Was Shot" is the eighth episode from Season 2 of Timeless. It premiered on May 6, 2018.



On March 30, 1981, President Reagan is shot and young Agent Christopher is there as a police officer.

The Mission

  • The Lifeboat team travels to March 30, 1981 to prevent the successful assassination of President Ronald Reagan.
  • Upon discovering that Washington, D.C. police officer Denise Christopher is Rittenhouse's target, the team must protect her from Rittenhouse. At the same time, they must stop Denise's arranged marriage from happening.
  • Because John Hinckley Jr. escapes arrest in the attempted assassination of President Reagan, the team must stop him before he gets another shot at killing the President.

Rittenhouse's Agenda

  • Rittenhouse sends two sleeper agents to 1969 and activates in 1981 to eliminate Officer Christopher to prevent the formation of the Lifeboat team.

Changes to the Timeline

  • John Hinckley Jr. escapes arrest in the assassination attempt, but is arrested at George Washington University Hospital following a tipoff from Lucy and Jiya.
  • Agent Christopher knows about time travel prior to the beginning of the mission, and knows who Lucy, Rufus, Wyatt, and Jiya are before meeting them in 2016.

Guest Cast

Historical Events and Figures


Episode Notes


  • Jiya introduces herself and Lucy to Officer Christopher as "Cagney" and "Lacey", respectively. Cagney & Lacey is a female-oriented police drama series that ran from 1982 to 1988.


  • "Kiss on My List" by Daryl Hall & John Oates (1981)
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