"The General" is the ninth episode from Season 2 of Timeless. It premiered on May 13, 2018.



Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn follow the Mothership to South Carolina on June 1, 1863, where Rittenhouse sleeper agent Confederate Colonel Ryerson uses a history book provided by Emma to outmaneuver Union forces and drive away Colonel James Montgomery and his forces. Wyatt and Rufus work with Harriet Tubman to orchestrate a plantation raid similar to the original Combahee River Raid while Lucy and Flynn convince Montgomery to reinforce Tubman. Tubman trusts Rufus because she experienced a divine vision of his assistance, that unbeknownst to her also depicted the Lifeboat. In the present, Carol focuses Nicholas on the idea of Rittenhouse as a family legacy. Jiya meets institutionalized time-machine pilot Stanley Fisher, who tells her that she can deliberately access visions of other time periods. Wyatt conceals the information about Jessica's brother Kevin, even after Agent Christopher informs him that Rittenhouse has surveilled Jessica all her life. Jessica takes Jiya hostage with Wyatt's gun and absconds with her and the Lifeboat.

The Mission

Rittenhouse's Agenda

  • Provide Rittenhouse sleeper agent Colonel Ryerson with a military history book about the Civil War to prevent the Combahee River Raid and eliminate Harriet Tubman to ensure victory for the South

Changes to the Timeline

  • The Combahee River Raid becomes known as the "Willow Glen Plantantion Raid".

Guest Cast

Historical Events and Figures


Episode Notes



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