Wendell Scott was the first African American NASCAR driver and a bootlegger.

Scott in the Timeless Universe

Wendell Scott is first seen after punching a man in the face. A mob of the man's friends descend on him, but Wyatt Logan, against the wishes of his crew, Lucy Preston and Rufus Carlin, come into save him from trouble with this crowd. Wyatt gushes over Scott, being a big fan of his. Scott offers the team moonshine in return for their help, but Lucy prefers to gain information about Ryan Millerson from Scott. Scott introduces them to Millerson.

When Millerson and Emma Whitmore pull guns on the crew, Scott creates a distraction via improvised fire extinguisher smoke bomb and drives them to safety. They try to convince Scott that Millerson is a dangerous communist, but he does not believe this. In Scott's garage, the time team figure out Millerson's plan, but Scott is reluctant to bring them back to the track to help them stop it. When Rufus hurts himself trying to help Scott fix his car, Scott tells them all to leave, but when Wyatt offers to help fix it, he becomes open to leading the crew back to the track, with Rufus up front and with Wyatt and Lucy hidden in the car's secret compartment.

Before the team parts ways with Scott for the final time, they ask him if he thinks that he will receive the recognition he deserves for his racing abilities despite his skin color, as they know he doesn't. Scott confirms he also knows he won't, but plans to race regardless.

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