Wernher von Braun was a German aerospace engineer who invented the V-2 rocket in Nazi Germany. Von Braun goes on to help the United States achieve scientific breakthroughs crucial to winning the Cold War, such as the moon landing.

Von Braun in the Timeless Universe

Wernher von Braun is first seen with Nazis and Garcia Flynn, discussing a missile that is supposed to launch later that night. Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston, Rufus Carlin, and Ian Fleming silently watch this discussion. Wyatt prepares to take a shot at Flynn, but is stopped by Lucy. Lucy stops Wyatt because Wyatt could have harmed von Braun. When it's discovered that Flynn did not deliver the nuke acquired in 1962 to the Nazis, Lucy begins to speculate that Flynn's true plan is to kill von Braun.

Later, at the party at Castle Varlar, Flynn reveals to Lucy his plan is to deliver von Bruan to the Soviets to make them win the Cold War. Flynn begins to threaten von Braun with a gun to his back when the missile that was supposed to launch detonates thanks to Rufus and Wyatt. Von Braun escapes Flynn in the panic. Fleming and Lucy meet with Rufus and Wyatt after the detonation. The team collect von Braun from the crowd and begin to be pursued by Flynn and a group of Nazis. Wyatt, Lucy, Rufus, Fleming, and von Braun run into a room and push a desk in front of the door. Fleming attempts to kill von Braun as revenge for von Braun's rockets devastating London and killing his brother, but is stopped by Wyatt. The group escape from the room through a series of secret tunnels made in the castle by Catholics in the 1500s after Catholicism was made illegal. Later, von Braun is then delivered to the Allies, similarly to the original timeline.

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