William Hale Thompson was the 31st and 33rd Mayor of Chicago serving non-consecutive terms from November 3, 1915 to November 3, 1923 and November 3, 1927 to November 3, 1931.

In the Timeless Universe

William Hale Thompson was a member of Rittenhouse.

Garcia Flynn helped Al Capone avoid being arrested due to tax evasion and gave him the location of Prohobition agent Eliot Ness. In exchange, Capone arranged a meeting with Flynn and Mayor Thompson. Capone explains to Thompson that Flynn has done more for him in one day than Thompson's done his entire career as mayor, a position Capone helped Thompson get in the first place, and that all Flynn asked in return was to talk to Thompson. Flynn punches Thompson and begins interrogating him about Rittenhouse.

Flynn bloodily beats Mayor Thompson for information about a Rittenhouse meeting that Julian Charvet told him about in 1927. Thompson tells Flynn about a Rittenhouse meeting in Washington D.C. that happens every twenty-five years. Thompson is taken down to the docks and killed on March 13, 1931.

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