William Randolph Hearst was a businessman and newspaper publisher who was the inspiration for Orson Welles' magnum opus, Citizen Kane.

In the Timeless Universe

In the original timeline, the release Orson Welles' Citizen Kane angers Hearst greatly, as it is clearly inspired by him and his sexual escapades with his mistress.

In the altered timeline, the film is stolen by Rittenhouse sleeper agent, Lucas Calhoun, who brings it to Hearst. Lucas is willing to give Hearst the film in exchange for a weekly column in all of his dozens of newspapers with which he would have no editorial powers over. This was likely to spread Rittenhouse propaganda. Hearst agrees with plan, but the delivery of the film from Lucas to one of Hearst's goons is intercepted by Wyatt Logan, Lucy Preston, and Rufus Carlin. Lucas is killed in the conflict, and the film is given to Hedy Lamarr, who returns it to Welles.

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